How to install amusewiki in 4 commands (on Debian Jessie/Stretch/Buster and Ubuntu starting from 16.04 LTS)

Please note that the .deb packages provided here are fully compatible for Debian and Ubuntu, and the instructions are the same even if the source list will say debian.

Add the key

# wget -O - | apt-key add -

Add a source list entry

You can put stretch or jessie instead of buster, depending on your distribution.

# echo 'deb buster main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/amusewiki.list

Install amusewiki

# apt-get update      
# apt-get install amusewiki-extra-fonts # this is optional
# apt-get install --no-install-recommends amusewiki

The output is going to prompt you to change the nginx configuration and give you the credentials for the login.

The virtual host used by nginx is roughly a blind guess, so probably you will need to put the hostname on /etc/hosts to access it for the initial configuration.

Amusewiki uses nginx as frontend server, so if you have Apache running, you need to change your setup (and free the HTTP and HTTPS ports) before starting the installation. See for example this article for a combined setup Apache/Nginx.

The installation procedure will send a mail to root@localhost with the credentails to login in and the nginx configuration instructions. If for some reason you didn't get it, you can look at /var/log/amusewiki/installation.log (since version 2.310).

Supported database are mysql, postgresql and sqlite3. Please install postgresql or mysql-server before starting the installation. You will be prompted to choose which one to use.

List of packages provided by this repository

You can browse them here

amusewiki 2.331-1+amw1
amusewiki-extra-fonts 1.1+amw1
fonts-alegreya 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-alegreyasans 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-anonymouspro 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-antykwa-poltawskiego 101-1
fonts-antykwa-torunska 2.08-1
fonts-archivonarrow 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-arvo 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-chivo 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-coelacanth 0.005+amw2
fonts-cormorant-garamond 3.500
fonts-crimsontext 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-droid 1:4.4.4r2-6
fonts-firasans 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-inknutantiqua 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-karla 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-librefranklin 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-lora 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-merriweather 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-nowacki 0.995-1
fonts-paratype 20140202-1
fonts-poppins 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-rubik 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-sourcecodepro 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-sourcesanspro 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-sourceserifpro 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-spacemono 0.00201710+amw1
fonts-vollkorn 0.00201710+amw1
libcrypt-format-perl 0.06-1
libcrypt-rsa-parse-perl 0.041-1
libcrypt-xkcdpassword-perl 0.009-2
libdbix-class-inflatecolumn-authen-passphrase-perl 0.01-2
libdbix-class-passphrasecolumn-perl 0.02-2
libdbix-class-schema-config-perl 0.001011-2
libdbix-class-tree-perl 0.03003-1
libebook-epub-lite-perl 0.71-2
libemail-mime-kit-perl 3.000002-1
libemail-mime-kit-renderer-tt-perl 1.001-1
liblog-dispatch-file-stamped-perl 0.16-2
libpdf-api2-perl 2.030-1
libpdf-cropmarks-perl 0.11-1
libpdf-imposition-perl 0.25-1
libplack-middleware-etag-perl 0.05-2
libpod-simple-wiki-perl 0.20-1
libprotocol-acme-perl 0.12-4
libtext-amuse-compile-perl 1.30-1+amw1
libtext-amuse-perl 1.28-1+amw1
libtext-amuse-preprocessor-perl 0.61-1+amw1
libwordpress-dbic-schema-perl 1.01-1
libxml-opds-perl 0.05-2
Get all the package here if you want to install them without apt. Signature. Sources

Contact and bug reports

Marco Pessotto melmothx -at- gmail -dot- com

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